Episode 6: Suddenly, Last Summer

SuddenlyLastSummerA secret worth millions to keep!  That’s right, you’re son is a CONFIRMED. BACHELOR. 

Even better, Michael is foraying into “old-timey” movies for the first time, Bil has an unhealthy obsession with Elizabeth Taylor, and Daniel is just glad to hang out with demonic Mercedes McCambridge.

Good thing we have a guest to keep us in line, and we’re so pleased to invite Toronto theatre director Andrew Lamb as our first visitor at BGM, as we discuss the 1959 film Suddenly, Last Summer by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift, based on the play by Tennessee Williams and co-written by Gore Vidal.


Episode 6 (course language warning):

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  1. I am a 61 one year old women .Who listen to all of you talking about the movie. Just marvellous!!
    Please remember!! Elizabeth Taylor today would be considered a fag hag in today society! She was a sensational person. Ahead of her time for sure..She had so many gay friends. Sadly to say they had to be hush hush in Hollywood.If you were gay.
    Thank god we are more open today. She is a Scorpio which we is a esenteric person!!
    That says everything about her personality.
    Well guys I also thought .The saying lip rouge for lipstick sounds
    so french!!!!
    Ps Bill it is hard to believe you are gay. You are so into Elizabeth Taylor. Wow it was nice to hear you so passionate about her.
    Love Mommie Dearest!!!

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