Episode 10: The Mirror Has Two Faces

MirrorHasTwoFaces5Despite the fact that it’s about a verbally abused woman who hooks up with a sex-addicted modelizer, it’s a romantic comedy.  Go figure!

To celebrate reaching our tenth episode, we at BGM have decided to branch outside the norm and review a movie that, while not particularly in gay in content, is fully gay in cultural context, and so we have touched upon Barbra Streisand’s Am I Pretty Epic,

The Mirror Has Two Faces

Plus we have the added bonus of our guest and our first ever Female Token Honorary BGM, Alison Broverman!

Click here to listen to the podcast:  

MirrorHasTwoFaces3The recommendations we mention on this week’s podcast:

Alison read In Love With Art by Jeet Heer

Daniel recommends Stephen King’s It

Michael is crazy about Breaking Bad

Bil can’t stop listening to Goldfrapp‘s new album Tales Of Us

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