Episode 20: Marci X

Episode 20!!

We’re so happy to still be alive.

Michael, Daniel and Bil would love to discuss this film but they drank too many Caesars and didn’t really know what was happening.  Apologies in advance for referring to her as Carmen and not Cameron Esposito…

Jewish Princess, White People’s Version of Rappers and Jail Costumes Straight out of The Producers…from the writer of In And Out?

The Gay Though Not Gay (look it up!) episode features a discussion of

Marci X

Listen to the episode here (language warning):  


This Week’s Recommendations

Daniel loved the original cast recording of Fun Home from the book by Alison Bechdel.

Bil loves the podcast Put Your Hands Together hosted by Cameron Esposito.

Michael recommends Parts & Labour, who is the caterer of the 2014 Luminato Festival.


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