Episode 26: The Night Listener

MCDNILI EC014Anyone with even the slightest appreciation for comedy was devastated by the news that Robin Williams passed away in August 2014, which led to much revisiting of his career, including the hits, the misses, the laughs and the tears.  He leaves behind a rich and varied filmography that includes, in its richness, a number of gay characters including a bad gay movie!

Daniel and Bil rewatched the adaptation of an Armistead Maupin movie that Williams made in 2006, an attempt to create a tense drama verging on thriller that doesn’t quite reach its mark.  Join your co-hosts as they discuss Patrick Stettner’s

The Night Listener

Listen to the episode here (language warning):  


This Week’s Recommendations

Daniel rewatched and still loves Robin Williams in The World According To Garp

Bil loved Sinead O’Connor’s new album I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss


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