Episode 28: Judas Kiss


Everyone knows that a gay man wearing sports jackets and full-length jeans is in a downward spiral, so thank God for friends when Charlie David is given the chance to redeem his spotty past by attending his Alma Mater’s scholarship contest.

It’s Peggy Sue Got Married meets P.S. meets a lack of skill when he arrives and is confronted, quite eerily, with a younger version of himself.  He has the chance to right his wrongs, but will he take advantage of the opportunity?  After all, he smokes indoors, which we all know means he doesn’t care about life.

Bil, Daniel and special guest star Qasim Khan discuss

Judas Kiss

by J.T. Tepnapa

Available on Netflix.

Listen to the episode here (language warning):  


This Week’s Recommendations

Qasim loved dining at Little Sister

Daniel loved reading The Tenth of December by George Saunders

Bil loves Desert Island Discs, and the book about it by Sean Magee


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