Episode 31: Reflections In A Golden Eye

On the Set of "Reflections in a Golden Eye"

The actress who showed us what a woman can be.

The actor who showed us the levels of complexity that men can achieve on screen.

A great Oscar-nominated character actor who turns out to have been hot when he was young.

A woman who mutilates her breasts for dramatic effect.


A Movie That Makes No Fucking Sense.


Bil And special guest Julie Florio watched a John Huston movie and, while they should have comments, they have far more questions.

This week’s episode of BGM is on John Huston’s

Reflections In A Golden Eye


And we want you to be as upset as we are.

Listen to it here (language warning):  

This Week’s Recommendations

Julie loved Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else by David Balzer

Bil loved the Julia Sweeney episode of Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast.


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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.


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