Episode 39: The Skinny


Magnus and Ryan have decided to not have sex for 6 months until they get to know each other.  Because apparently there’s anything new you can learn about a man after a month.

Magnus’s friends from all over the country visit him for NYC Pride and plan to have a really hot time, which of course means that all the sex they have has to be in bathrooms.

Bil, Michael and Daniel are reunited for a discussion of


by Patrik-Ian Polk

Available on Netflix


Listen to it here (language warning):  

This Week’s Recommendations

Michael is excited about the return of Janet Jackson.

Bil absolutely loved Mad Max: Fury Road.

Daniel loves Todd Almond.

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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.



  1. I recently discovered and greatly enjoy your podcast. I’m now in the midst of listening to older episodes. In doing this, I have to admit there were moments when it was uncomfortable for me listen to your review of the film “The Skinny”. Not because I was hoping for a rave review of the film. I think the film is deplorable, so I applaud you for being able to watch it. I can’t watch it past the first few minutes.

    What took me out of it sometimes were some of the jokes and their heavy reliance on race. Most of my favorite LGBT films center around non-black protagonists. Yet I’m able to find commonalities that cross racial/ethnic boundaries. I understand the need to showcase the importance reviewing a black gay film. But at certain points I was focused less on the review of a BGM and more on the reality of the disconnect that seems to continue to exist amongst us within the LGBT community because of race.

    I will continue to listen to support you and your work. I just felt it was needed to be express my perceptions.

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