Episode 45: The Falls


We’re so grateful to our listener who suggested this movie.  It had been much too long since we’d watched a gay Mormon movie, and finding out there’s a sequel to this one makes us even happier.

Bil welcomes another guest panel including returning guest Phil Skala fresh off his run in The Buddy Holly Story at LOT, as well comedian Robert Keller, soon to appear in Heart Of The Storm by Bil Antoniou at the Red Sandcastle Theatre as well as his YukYuk’s show OUTrageous! at the end of October.

All three will shamelessly promote themselves while also discussing


by Jon Garcia



Listen to it here (language warning): 

This Week’s Recommendations

Phil loves watching Scream Queens

Bil has loved reading Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan by Mark O’Connell

Robert wants you to watch videos by Brian Jordan Alvarez


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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.



  1. Sounds like a bad movie, but…

    You have no business reviewing a movie about Mormons if you can’t even take a few moments to actually have some basic facts about Mormons. You cannont believe how utterly ignorant you sound. It’s like reading the gay section in the 1970’s book “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask” By Dr. Ruben Kincade. You pretty much got everything wrong. You could have at least found a guest gay Mormon to keep you in the lanes. In terms of the Mormon and missionary culture (I served two years in Chile), the movie gets much right.

    Missionaries do visit in the home

    Do ask people to get baptized after one or two visits

    Don’t stand on the corner passing out flyers

    Are not aloud to leave their companion

    Merril is a VERY Mormon name

    Parents do know where there kids go on missions and there is even weekly emails to family and friends.

    Missions are for a full two years

    Sexual tension does exist between many male missionaries: I was often jumped on top of by my companions while I lay on my bed in my special underweaer, was madly in love with two of my companions, witnessed jealousies and fights between companions, and have friends that went from prayer to blowing guys in French parks within minutes.

    You cannont underestimate the sexual tension of an 18 to 20 year old boy trying not to masturbate for two years. You can go from 0 to 60 in seconds.

    Women sersved missions in large numbers and go door to door just like the boys

    Mormons tend to act polite when dealing with gay members, but excomunicate them, don’t allow gay members to have their kids baptized, and Utah has the highest rate of suicide in the US due to the gay and lesbian members that are traumatized by the church.

    The church teaches that Homosexuality is the sin next to murder (1978, Prophet Spencer Kimbal)

    You cannot go to the celestial kingdom if you are not married to a women

    Almost all Mormons are unaware of the historical innacuracies of the their church and would be shocked to have an “investigator” question Joseph Smith. Mormons are absolutely incapable of listening to the historical issues. When they do, they usually leave the church in the next few years.

    I could go on, but couldn’t finish this podcast because of how completely unprepared you were for it.

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