Episode 50: Mame


Or as they say it in the film, MAAAAAAAAme.  Lucille Ball was nervous about being too old for the part so she rubbed an entire chicken’s worth of fat on the lens every morning, and the result is that when she’s onscreen, you squint.  The rest of the time, you wince.

The good news is, BGM has reached 50 episodes!!  We’re so grateful to all of our listeners for keeping us going this long.

To celebrate, we invited the adorable History Boys, Jeremy Willard and Michael Lyons, to join Bil, Daniel and Michael as they review


by Gene Saks


Listen to it here (language warning):  

This Week’s Recommendations

Mike S. loved Closet Monster

Bil loves the podcast Pop Rocket starring Guy Branum

Daniel loves watching YouTube clips of Dorothy Loudon

Jeremy recommends both The Revenant and Uncle Mame by Eric Myers


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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.



  1. Omg I just now discovered your fucking brilliant podcast, I’ve been looking for a podcast like this

    My movie request is the Jennifer Anniston & Paul Rudd film Object of my Affection, I’m on the fence with that movie on whether it’s dated or still relevant and even then I couldn’t wrap my head around a gay man wanting to father a child with a women instead of a man in the 1990s (there were gay families in the 1990s, surrogacy was in its infancy, it wasn’t like it was 1950s)

  2. Your podcast is wonderful, I don’t know how you watch some of these films but I appreciate your efforts.
    May I recommend a ‘gay/not gay’ film? Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge is an amazingly awful movie filled with homoerotic subtext. Although, it could just be a gay film since in the documentary ‘Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy’ it was stated that it was actually intentional.
    Either way, the movie is pretty fucking terrible.
    Keep up the great work!

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