Episode 54: Big Eden


Starring on Ellen means you can open a movie, so why not cast Arye Gross as a Montana painter who has found his natural home in New York City before being forced to return to the midwest?

We managed to somehow finish the longest movie of all time on this week’s guest panel episode, on which Bil is delighted to be joined by Robert Watson and Robert Keller as they discuss

Big Eden

by Thomas Bezucha


Listen to it here (language warning): 

This Week’s Recommendations

Bil loved eating at Real Mo-Mos

Robert Watson learned to cook thanks to The Gourmet Cookbook by Rachel Reichl

Robert Keller loves watching Hey Qween!


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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.



  1. The charm of this movie is in the context of the time it came out. There were so few gay movies and too many portraits of gay men were bad. This movie is a pure fantasy of how many gay men of my generation (I’m 55) would have loved our lives to be. In context of the time it was a welcome respit from what we had encountered for the last 50 years. Contrary to your opinion, there are many “Montana” type hometowns across America that have produced multitudes of Artists and creative forces that end up in big cities and become more city than country.

    And yes Arie Gross is seems very gay. You guys need to get out of the gay ghetto and live among the real world gays that don’t slave away at the gym and have real bodies, real faces, and real lovers.

    People do pine away for thier early loves…

    Gay men, even painters, don’t typically stay in their small towns because it is affordable, has nice landscapes, and heck “you’re single already” so life is just as good at 10,000 feet above sea level

    Gay artists don’t have all have boyfriend when they have a show

    Caring friends do say things like “I’m going to get you a boyfriend, yet”

    Again, this was a fantasy for a generation of gay men who had suffered and struggled with coming out into a very harsh world, but much of it rings true enough to allow the suspension of disbelief just long enough to feel a glimmer of hope.

    I can go on. Just about every statement in this episode rings hollow and false.

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