Episode 67: Second Serve

We’re suckers for a celebrity encounter, so when the fabulous Illeana Douglas tweeted us about this movie, we just had to do it (and we thank her for it).  If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you read her recent publication I Blame Dennis Hopper.

PLUS!  Michael, Bil and Dan are joined by the also fabulous Alicia Douglas, joining us for the first time since Episode 19 to talk about the 1986 network TV movie

Second Serve

by Anthony Page

Listen to it here (language warning): 


This Week’s Recommendations

Bil loves following Sam Morris on Twitter, Instagram and his own site.

Daniel loved watching When We Rise by Dustin Lance Black.

Michael loved Get Out by Jordan Peele.

Alicia loves watching Legion by Noah Hawley

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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.


  1. Was so glad to hear your latest podcast. It is always like letting some good friends into my home to talk movies. Can’t wait for the next one. Btw, my favorite Isabelle Huppert film is The Bedroom Window. Not an award winner but a fun B movie about a guy trying to do the right thing and getting himself in a whole lot of trouble. Isabelle Huppert kind of sets the whole thing in motion. You get a little gratuitous Steve Guttenberg nudity too so that’s a plus!

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