Episode 100: Sextette featuring special guest Lisa Ferreira

We can’t believe we made it!!!  We’ve done 100 episodes!!!

We owe such thanks to our listeners for being so great to us and for getting us this far.  To celebrate, we decided to go back to the fabulous Mae West and take a look at her last film and one of the most bizarre comedies of the seventies.  To commemorate this milestone, we brought along our own Mae West, Lisa Ferreira, to talk about it.  Join Bil, Dan, Mike and Lisa as they talk about


by Keith Howard

Listen to it here (language warning): 

This Week’s Recommendations

Bil recommends you see Birds of Passage.

Mike recommends the Gay Future podcast.

Lisa recommends you cook with Jicama

Daniel recommends Mary’s Incredible Dream starring Mary Tyler Moore.

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Promo photos by Michael Sheffer.

Musical theme by The Chronos Band.

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