Bad Gay Movies, Bitchy Gay Men

In a world where movies made for the LGBT community are so often so very, very terrible, we have decided that what is missing is some good healthy feedback.

Join our expert panel of avid moviewatchers Bil Antoniou, Michael Soulard and Daniel Krolik as they discuss, on a monthly basis, the movies that wanted to do so much and yet accomplished so little.



Photo by Michael Sheffer


  1. I head about you on The Sewers of Paris Podcast and have listened to almost all your episodes in about a week. So smart and funny. How about a show on Adam and Steve?

  2. The podcast is so good! I loved your thoughts about Cruising, especially because I feel like I learned a lot about the context of the film. I would really appreciate it if you reviewed “the bubble” which I feel is one of the worst gay movies ever. Either way thanks for all you do!

  3. The podcasts are great fun and often insightful…but for people involved in the arts, have you actually listened to one of your shows? Every other word is “like”; I mean, like, how many times, can you like use the word “like”? Seriously, please listen to yourselves and try to express yourselves in the future with big grown-up words.

  4. You guys are the best. I really enjoy listening you guys. I know you guys talk a lot about Bad Gay Movies. BGM can also stands for Best Gay Movies too right ? I got couple suggestion. I saw a french movie called ” Just a question of Love” awhile back and I thought it was a really good movie. Wanna hear you guys talk about it. “Free fall” I think it’s German and “Walk on water” not sure what country.
    Keep up the good work.
    You new fan.

      1. I want to put in another vote for “Free Fall”! I have been hoping that you’d cover this film ever since we watched it on Youtube. There is no question that it’s a Bad Gay Movie. The lead is deeply unlikeable; the male love interest is so undeveloped a character that my partner and I took to referring to him in discussions as “Herr Plot-Device”… Anyway, keep up the good work!

  5. You guys made me laugh so hard on “Just a question of love” Episode. I requested that and didn’t know you were actually gonna do it, thanks again. Now you guys made me curious of how big really is the bathroom in that Falcon video.

    #3 listener from U.S.

  6. I found out about this podcast from Sewers of Paris, and love catching up with back episodes.

    I saw a possible BGM the other night called Impossible Choice.

  7. Hey guys, Love the show and hoping y’all would enjoy a viewing of Vegas in Space for the podcast. It’s wonderfully terrible.

  8. Hey guys! I love your podcast; great snarky energy from all of you. I’ve listened to all of your episodes and occasionally have to re-listen to a few favorites (Is that BISS on the tablecloth?!?!).If I could recommend a film for you guys to tear to pieces, it would be I Think I Do, starring the late Alexis Arquette, who(forgive me) I always thought was cuter as a boy. Best wishes from Baltimore, Maryland.

  9. Hey Guys!
    Just recently discovered you and I’m so glad I did! Catching up on your episodes is great while in lockdown!
    I know you got lots of suggestions but I discovered a new one today: The Breeding billed as an erotic thriller consider it when you get a chance!

    1. Thank you so much for writing! It’s actually really heartwarming to know we’re amusing people during this very strange time. Also that film sounds very provocative, so it’s going on the list for sure. All the best to you, stay safe and well (and bad and gay)

  10. I recently discovered your point podcast and I’m so glad I did. Your very funny and entertaining. I’m glad you review both good and bad gay movies. I like to watch the films you talk about. It gives me something else to do while I’m stuck in the house. You should see Tom Cat(Kater). It’s an Austrian film wit subtitles. It’s very good..

    Stay healthy,

    1. Scott thank you so much for writing! Thank you for listening, you’ve made us very happy. We will look for the film you mentioned. Please take care of yourself and be happy and healthy as we all get through this!

  11. Hey Guys,

    I love your podcast so much! I listen while doing my daily walk and just find myself laughing out loud in the street! So funny and so right on target. I usually have seen the movies you review but not the latest one, Tomcat. But I did find that Big Gay Picture Show chose it as a top ten for 2017! So funny reading their review after hearing your show! Hilarious!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. Thanks for making this podcast so hilarious yet very well informed. As a fan of LGTB themed movies I find myself often laughing like crazy with your comments..

  13. I discovered your podcast about 6 months ago – I’m doing a lot of driving this year and you boys are the most fun backseat passengers ever, keeping my laughing and stopping me from falling asleep at the wheel – so you are providing an important public service, it’s a pleasure to donate. My three recommendations to you would be Fortune and Men’s Eyes (Canadian, prison, grim), The Fan (Lauren Bacall past her sell-by date but still game for a dance number) and Daughters of Darkness (the entire cast is queer and some of them might be vampires).

  14. Ok, here are 3 more bad and not so bad gay movies I watched recently. Goodbye Seventies, a film about gay porn in the seventies and how that party ended. Next one is Out Of Body, a goofy comedy about a guy who’s haunted by is best friends spirit. Last is Family Tree, a moody melodrama (Michael Joseph Nelson is delicious).
    Happy holidays, hear you soon.


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